A topic that may or may not be important to a senior is what type of ceremony or remembrance the senior wants after he or she has passed. Some seniors do not want to think about that topic because they consider it morbid or they figure they will not be there and will leave it to others to do what is needed. However other seniors have definite ideas on what their remembrance should include.  A remembrance could be drinks at a bar, a solemn funeral in church or a small service in a funeral home. Some seniors want to plan the detailed ceremony including the music and clothes they want to be buried in. The people who will likely be responsible for arranging the remembrance should take the initiative to discuss plans with the senior. This can relieve much of stress for the responsible person. One way to try to convince a senior of the need for a plan is to tell them that planning the remembrance will be a gift from the senior to his or her loved ones. The only cardinal rule is not to discuss remembrance issues during an illness, recovery from a fall, or procedure or any time a senior is very concerned about their future.