Another important conversation to have with seniors is what will happen to his or her pets if the senior can no longer take care of the pet.  Pets serve as important emotional support for many seniors. For some seniors their pet becomes another member of the family.  Therefore what happens to the pet is of great concern for the senior.  Having a plan for who will take care of the pet and how the pet will be cared for will be comforting to the senior. The first consideration should be to make sure the pet is well cared for and that the pet is not harming the senior’s environment.   As part of an estate plan a senior can set aside funds and give directions to someone for the care of a pet.  A “pet trust” is becoming an increasingly frequent contract. The trustee of a pet trust distributes funds to the person taking care of the pet on the death or disability of the owner.  Children of a senior should have a discussion with their parent about pets so there are no surprises at the time of death or disability.